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Whether you are on the look out for your dream home or an ideal property investment, City Address is your perfect real estate consultant and partner to work with and find projects and properties in Ahmedabad of Gujarat that is stunning and rewarding.

By infusing intelligence and innovation into the way people search for property, find a buyer, tenant or locate an property consultant, we create a unique property experience for all our customers.

We’ll save your time, money and stress !

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We’re City Address all about helping you make smart real estate decisions that move your life forward.

We are a team of dynamic individuals working together to help you get the best real estate deals. We understand that a huge property investment happens a few times in life and we help you make the right decisions to get the best deal of your life !

We have successfully helped our huge customer base to buy or sell their homes and lease into a residential or commercial properties.

“Our passion is to make our Customers/investors dreams come true”


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